How Much Does ShopRite Pay Per Hour In NJ?

How much do Shoprite cashiers make in NJ?

Average Shoprite Store Cashier hourly pay in New Jersey is approximately $9.41, which is 14% below the national average..

How much does McDonald’s pay in NJ?

Average McDonald’s Cashier/Sales hourly pay in New Jersey is approximately $9.06, which is 12% below the national average.

How much do Spar cashiers earn?

SPAR Distribution Centre pays its employees an average of R30. 60 an hour. Hourly pay at SPAR Distribution Centre ranges from an average of R17. 95 to R99.

How much does Costco Pay in NJ?

Costco Wholesale in New Jersey SalariesJob TitleLocationSalaryCashier salaries – 5 salaries reportedNew Jersey$14/hrStocker salaries – 5 salaries reportedNew Jersey$15/hrCashier Assistant (Front End Assistant) salaries – 5 salaries reportedNew Jersey$14/hrCashier salaries – 5 salaries reportedNew Jersey$13/hr16 more rows•Dec 14, 2020

What will the minimum wage be in NJ in 2021?

$12.00 per hourEffective January 1, 2021, the New Jersey minimum wage is $12.00 per hour for most workers.

How much does Shoprite overnight pay?

The typical Shoprite Supermarkets Overnight Stocker salary is $12. Overnight Stocker salaries at Shoprite Supermarkets can range from $9 – $14. This estimate is based upon 18 Shoprite Supermarkets Overnight Stocker salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods.

What will NJ minimum wage be in 2020?

$11 per hourThe law raised the minimum wage to $10 per hour on July 1, 2019 and then to $11 per hour on Jan. 1, 2020. Currently, the minimum wage is set to increase $1 every year until reaching $15 per hour in 2024.

Does Costco really pay $21 an hour?

1. The company pays a living wage. Costco’s CEO and president, Craig Jelinek, has publicly endorsed raising the federal minimum wage to $10.10 an hour, and he takes that to heart. The company’s starting pay is $11.50 per hour, and the average employee wage is $21 per hour, not including overtime.

How much does Walmart pay in NJ?

Average Walmart Cashier/Sales hourly pay in New Jersey is approximately $11.08, which is 8% above the national average.

How much does target pay an hour in NJ?

Target set its 2020 goal of a $15 starting wage in September 2017, and over the last three years has increased wages from a starting wage of $11. The last starting-wage increase was in June 2019 to $13.

What is a good salary in NJ?

But in North Jersey, the range for the middle class is $64,000 all the way up to $191,000. The overall average in New Jersey for what is considered to be middle class income for a family of four is between $60,000 and $177,000 a year.

How much does CVS pay in NJ?

CVS Health in New Jersey SalariesJob TitleLocationSalaryCashier salaries – 33 salaries reportedNew Jersey$10/hrShift Supervisor salaries – 29 salaries reportedNew Jersey$13/hrClerk/Cashier salaries – 26 salaries reportedNew Jersey$10/hrPharmacist salaries – 26 salaries reportedNew Jersey$60/hr16 more rows•Dec 16, 2020

Does Shoprite pay weekly?

You get paid weekly.

Do ShopRite employees get a discount?

You get a 5% employee discount twice a week, and they’re pretty lenient as to who uses it (I.E. you could no longer be a minor, and your parents could use the discount if you go shopping with them).

What is the poorest town in New Jersey?

CamdenCamden, the poorest city in the state, has a poverty rate of 35.5%. Other poor areas are the cities across the Hudson River from New York City, including Newark, Paterson, and Passaic. In 2012, 9.1% of New Jersey households have annual incomes of or over $200,000, and 17.5% have incomes of $100,000 or more.

Is Target paying $15 an hour?

Target raises minimum wage to $15 an hour for store, distribution and headquarter employees. The company has committed close to $1 billion this year in bonus pay this year.

How much do ShopRite cashiers earn?

Shoprite Supermarkets SalariesJob TitleSalaryCashier salaries – 28 salaries reported$10/hrCustomer Service Associate salaries – 26 salaries reported$10/hrPart Time Cashier salaries – 26 salaries reported$10/hrPharmacy Technician salaries – 23 salaries reported$11/hr16 more rows•Dec 16, 2020

Does Walmart pay 15 an hour?

The minimums for hourly associates in the deli and bakery areas are increasing from $11 an hour to $15 or higher. Pay is also being raised for several hourly auto care center roles. … Overall, we are raising wages for approximately 165,000 hourly associates across all Walmart U.S. stores.