Question: What Is Umid ID?

How much is the payment for Umid ID?

The UMID card is free for the initial application.

Also, under the newly approved Republic Act 11261, first-time job applicants who provide a barangay certification can also get UMID for free.

will have to pay a Php 200 replacement fee..

How can I know my SSS ID from Umid?

Send an email to or and briefly state that you’d like to know your SSS number. Just leave your Full Name and Birthdate.

Can I apply SSS ID online?

In order to apply, you need your SSS ID or E-6 form and two valid photo IDs. You can apply online at the official SSS website, through the E-Service tab which will give you a confirmation email and transaction number. You can also do it at one of the SSS branches.

How can I get Umid medical card?

> Access: Web Application URL: Mobile application @ (Google Play Store)…Initiate Application:Login through OTP.Initiate New Application.Fill up details of Self and Family Members.Upload Relevant Documents (as per checklist) and submit.

How can I activate my SSS UMID card?

You have to activate your UMID card first in the SSS information terminal at select SSS branches. Don’t forget to enter the captcha code at the bottom of the page and tick the small box next to “I accept the Terms of Service.” When you’re done, double-check all information. Click the Submit button.

Is PhilHealth a Umid ID?

UMID – Unified Multi-Purpose ID is a union of SSS (Social Security System), GSIS (Government Service Insurance System, PhilHealth, and PAG-IBIG or HDMF (Home Development Mutual Fund.) … The most popular one is getting it at the SSS branches with capturing sites.

Can I get Umid ID without SSS?

Eligible applicants for the UMID card They are required to have an active SSS number before application can be allowed. Besides, one should have never been issued the card before of an SSS ID. … PhilHealth members and indigent Filipinos who are not covered by either GSIS or SSS can also register for it.

Does Umid have expiry date?

Does it expire? Once you’re issued a UMID card, it becomes your lifetime ID. , the UMID has no expiration—it’s valid for life.

What are the requirements for SSS ID?

These include the following:Printed ePersonal record form.Printed SS number slip.Printed SSS number application confirmation email.Your birth certificate (original—on NSO security paper—and a photocopy)Valid ID (original and a photocopy) The following are acceptable: Baptismal certificate. Driver’s license. Passport.

What is the benefit of Umid?

UMID card provides a unique identification to all the beneficiaries with a unique number. Additionally, there various other smart features like web-enabled QR code along with biometric identity with a shared database at an all India level. UMID has access to your mobile phone application or through the online website.

Is Umid a national ID?

Currently, the most harmonized identification system that the Philippines has is the Unified Multi-purpose ID or UMID, which is issued to the members of the Social Security System (SSS), Government Service Insurance System (GSIS), Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth), and the Home Development Mutual …

How can I get Umid ID in 2019?

How to Get a UMIDStep 1: Prepare the following documents:Step 2: Submit UMID requirements to an SSS branch with UMID enrollment/processing facility.Step 3: Have your photo and biometrics taken.Step 4: Wait for your UMID to be delivered.Step 5: Activate your UMID in the nearest SSS kiosk or branch.

How can I get Umid ID?

UMID Card Application for SSS membersStep 1: Download and fill out the UMID card application form (2). … Step 2: Submit your form and documents to the nearest SSS branch. … Step 3: Have your photo, fingerprint, and signature taken. … Step 4: Pay the UMID card fee. … Step 5: Wait for your card to be delivered.More items…

Is SSS ID and Umid the same?

No, they’re different. Its production stopped in 2011 to give way to the UMID that would unify the ID systems of the SSS, GSIS, Pag-IBIG, and PhilHealth. …

Where is Umid ID number located?

It is printed on the front of your Mcard. Many units, such as the Benefits Office, ask people for this number as an identifier when providing services.