Quick Answer: What Is The Passive Voice Of Respect Your Elders?

Do it or leave it voice change?

In passive voice, a subject is an important thing.

The sentence ‘do it or leave it’ in passive voice would be written as: It must be done or left..

What is the passive voice of help the poor?

Explanation: If there is sense of advice in an Imperative sentence then Passive voice will be as: Passive subject + should be + third form of verb.

What is the passive voice of I write a letter?

Answer: ‘A letter is being written by me’ – This is the Passive voice of the given sentence. Explanation: While changing from ‘active to passive’, the object ‘A’ becomes the ‘subject’ in passive voice.

What is the passive form of never tell a lie?

Neither is passive, since you’ve just changed one active verb (tell) with another active verb (let), but the underlying command does sound more passive.

Did you see the man change the voice?

Answer. Answer: Was the man seen by you.

Can you help the needy in passive voice?

Answer. Answer: Its answer is … Let the needy be helped….

What is the passive voice of obey your parents?

The Passive Voice of the sentence Obey your parents is “Let your parents be obeyed (by you)”. EXPLANATION: The given sentence is an Imperative sentence. So, the word ‘let’ should be added while changing it into Passive Voice.

Does work change your voice?

In the passive voice the subject is placed at the end as an agent as ‘by me’ in the sentence and the object ‘this work’ is at the beginning. The active verb now becomes passive with an auxiliary verb before it. Thus ‘do’ becomes ‘can be done’.

Who broke the chair into passive voice?

In the clause in question the object of the verb “broke” is “his chair”. This will be the subject of the passive voice clause. “who” the subject of the active voice will become “whom” preceded by “by”. So the passive voice would be something like: “His chair was broken by whom?”

What do you want change the passive voice?

Answer Expert Verified In order to convert active into passive, it is important to omit primary auxiliary verbs such as do, does or did. Words such as why, what and when remain at the same position as in the active voice.  So, the correct answer is what is wanted by you.

Why do you tell a lie change in passive voice?

The correct change of the given active voice sentence into the passive voice sentence is as given below: Why is a lie told by you? … The verb in the sentence was Simple Past in the active form (did tell). When we convert the active voice of Simple Past into active we use passive form equivalent to the active form.

Should we obey the elders change into passive voice?

Answer. Answer: Elders should be obeyed.

Will your brother pay your fees today change the voice?

Will your brother pay your fees today? The given sentence is in active voice since the subject is the actual doer of the action or the subject is actually performing the action. Hence, the passive voice of the given sentence, Will your fees be paid by your brother today?

Should you ever tell a lie?

While some may choose to stick with honesty as the best and only policy, if you do choose to tell a lie or skew the truth in some way, consider the following two factors: The size and intention of the lie — are your reason prosocial, paternalistic, or are they purely deceptive and malicious — and the potential …

What is the passive voice of always speak the truth?

Originally Answered: What is the passive voice of “always speak the truth”? This is an imperative. Imperatives do not have a passive form. “I was told to always speak the truth” is the passive of “He told me to always speak the truth”, an indicative sentence.

What is the passive of please help me?

Your answer : You’re requested to help me.

What did your voice change?

➡What was seen by him ? ( passive voice ).

Do you know me passive voice?

This sentence cannot be changed into passive voice. The verb (know) is a stative verb here. … So, this sentence cannot be changed into passive voice. If you think “He is known to me.” is in passive form, then you need to know that “known” is an adjective here.

Do you write a letter change the voice?

Solution: The passive voice for the above sentence is “Is a letter being written by you?” The verb in the active voice is in present continuous tense as denoted by ‘ing’ with write. In the passive voice, the consequent verb is changed into participle form and is used with being.

What is the passive voice of bring me a glass of water?

Passive Voice : You are requested to bring me a glass of water.